Thank you, JNUC2019!

Had the amazing opportunity to present today at JNUC 2019. It was my second time as an attendee and my first time as a presenter.

Although it was super nerve wracking, it was no way as embarrassing as I had feared, which means that it was a total success. I’m super grateful for the opportunity, and have loved every minute of JNUC so far.

Here are my slides from today’s presentation

/jamf : A Slack app to simplify Mac lookups and troubleshooting. 

I aim to have code examples for a generic Slack app, as well as more /jamf and /mymac code snippets available on this blog soon!

I also participated in the Supporting Women in Tech panel, which was a lot of fun. Total shame that we were scheduled at the same time as Apple’s non-recorded presentation about Catalina. But the questions and participation from the audience was still very awesome.